Nova Scratshot would rather not be important, thank you.

He just wants to sell magic at the corner store, goof around on a magical network called the Crystic, and never talk to anybody except his best friend Emma Lynn Candle. Unfortunately, the arcane algorithms of the Crystic have just revealed him to be the Answer to Prophecy. It should be exciting, but in a world where ancient magic has been shaped into modern technology, people no longer need to rely on random adventurers wandering through the wilderness on quests to save humanity. Instead, Nova is thrust into a meticulous system designed to manufacture a perfect hero. In order to find himself and accept his power, he'll need to dismantle the very structure that's intended to make him powerful.

So he decides to blog about it.


Ostensibly by Nova Scratshot, Go Forth is actually by Connor Unger, who you can find on Twitter and through email or, if all else fails, hiding in his room.


I owe a whole lot of gratitude to Alex Vitti, for designing the incredible and beautiful logo, to Kelsey Binder, for her brilliant coding skills when templates would only take me so far, to Sandra Unger, for her invaluable feedback and editing, and to you (yes, you!) for reading and supporting this project. Thank you!